On tUESDAY, May 3, 2022

Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Jeff Schumacher for Circuit Judge

At the 3/3/22 meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police – Limestone Lodge #5, the members unanimously voted to endorse Jeff Schumacher for the office of Circuit Judge in Bracken, Fleming and Mason counties.

Schumacher said, “This endorsement by law enforcement, which evidences their confidence in my abilities, is greatly appreciated.”

FOP Limestone Lodge #5, President, Jeff Hord congratulates Circuit Judge Candidate Schumacher on being endorsed by area law enforcement. In the background is a painting of Schumacher’s former law partner and former Circuit Judge, the late John W McNeill.

On tUESDAY, November 8TH Vote for

Jeff Schumacher

It is up to you Bracken, Fleming & Mason Counties. On November 8th cast your vote to elect me as your next Circuit Judge for the 19th District in the Kentucky Judicial System.

About the candidate

Jeff SchumacHer

On December 9, 2021, Jeff filed paperwork to be your next Circuit Judge with the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office. Jeff is running for the office of Circuit Judge for the 19th Judicial Circuit which includes Bracken, Fleming, & Mason Counties.


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