“If you’re like me, then you’re tired of hearing the same old excuses from the same old politicians. Phrases like ‘because that’s the way we’ve always done it’ are not in the taxpayers’ best interest and need to become a thing of the past.

I want to be a real champion of the taxpayer by running the county more like a business, by promoting transparency, eliminating wasteful spending, and providing real tax relief to my friends and neighbors across Henderson County.

My background in business, the law, and my 27 years volunteering in the community have prepared me for the challenges ahead, but I cannot do this alone. So let’s work together with a singular vision to create a conservative county government that serves the people – not the other way around.”

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Thanks to everyone that supported the campaign. You all have amazing hearts and I love each of you very much. We’re unfortunately going to come up short this time. I have sent a note to Wade congratulating him on his victory. We will continue to do everything we can to help make Henderson County better. God Bless. Jeff

Here are some photos from our afternoon swing through polling places. Today, we started in Athens and went to Payne Springs to GBC to Seven Points to Tool, back through GBC to Eustace and back to Athens, to Larue to New York to Brownsboro to Chandler to Murchison and back to Athens. We also made three stops at the Pancake Breakfast, so thank you Athens Kiwanis!

Pd Pol Ad by the Jeff Weinstein for Judge Campaign.

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