Campaigns and Negative Comments

As an attorney for more than 30 years, I have handled numerous cases. In doing so oftentimes the other side ends up not liking you. That is just the nature of the business. I tell people if you have practiced law for 30 years and you have not made anyone mad… then you have not been doing much of anything.

Recently, a woman (Linda Hickerson) has been posting nasty comments to the point she even said she would not vote for me for dog catcher (LOL). Good thing I am not running for dog catcher.

It did not dawn on me until recently why she had/has an axe to grind against me. Years ago, I filed a lawsuit in Fleming Circuit Court against her on behalf of all of her brothers and her mother’s estate to recover items that she had taken from the estate and which items were ultimately recovered. Her brother, Darrell Gray, was the executor of his mother’s estate and he and his brothers are very supportive of my race for Circuit Judge.

I use this as an example to show that some unhappy people are negative and post nasty comments only because they did not like the job I did while representing my clients in a case against them. Being a lawyer is a job like any other and sometimes people in a case are all happy (like in an adoption case) and sometimes they want to blame the attorney on the other side when they lose a case. So, if you see negative comments from people oftentimes there is a story behind it that they will not tell you about.

~ Jeff Schumacher for Circuit Judge in Bracken, Fleming, and Mason Counties.

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