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Simply put, I am not a career politician. In fact, I’ve never held political office at all, but I do know how to run a business, to balance budgets and to bring people together to solve problems. These are just some of the issues that I would like to tackle as your next Henderson County Judge.

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Property Taxes

The property tax burden on homeowners is too high. Local governments should maintain efficient budgets in order to reduce property taxes on homeowners and businesses, because this is an economic development issues as much as it is a tax issue. If we are to bolster our economy, we must put money back in people’s pockets.

Law Enforcement and First Responders

George W. Bush said that government should do few things and do them well. Public safety is one of those essential services that should be a top priority for local governments. We should invest in our law enforcement with better equipment and training. We should provide our EMS and fire services with the resources they need to improve response times and meet our area's needs.

Jobs and the Economy

Henderson County workers need more opportunities to advance their careers locally and provide a higher standard of living for their families. By attracting high-paying jobs to our area, we can provide a stronger foundation for our local economy and a broader industrial tax base to reduce the property tax burden on homeowners. Jeff has the experience and knowledge that it takes to negotiate on behalf of our families, bring new opportunities for job advancement to Henderson County, and secure our community's economic future.

Natural Resources

There are battles brewing across Texas over natural resources right now. Fortunately, we have them, but everyone else wants to get their hands on them as well. Our natural resources, particularly water, are important to stimulate the economy, so it is vital that we have a plan in place for how to protect our resources now and for our future generations. We have an obligation to leave this place a little bit better than we found it, so it’s time to get to work.


We must take care of our home turf first by focusing on Henderson County. Our schools need to be extraordinary – not average or above average – but extraordinary. While this is not a county issue, making education a top priority requires leadership at all levels of government and within the private sector. We can and should be a leader in Texas for top flight schools that prepare our children for the future and the challenges they will face as adults.


Transportation issues are always going to be an important part of the discussion when it comes to county government, and they should be addressed openly with solutions provided quickly for problems that exist or may arise. Ensuring that the citizens of Henderson County can travel efficiently and safely from one part of the county to another is an essential service that every resident should expect regardless of what part of the county they live in.

Mental Health

As a community, we have done a poor job of addressing the mental health needs of Henderson County. We are not prepared systemically to help the 10-20% of our population who are attempting to live in the mainstream but suffer from mental health disorders. We are blessed to have charities that work tirelessly on this issue, but we need our elected leaders to step up and engage as well. As we have seen in other communities around the country, ignoring mental health needs can lead to catastrophic consequences, so we need a county-wide plan of action now.

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